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Kad International provide trending products for affordable prices

Even though we are a new company we have years of experience in Importing and Exporting goods, we specialize in  importing trending products​
Our company is based in Newnan, GA we are highly motivated and are always putting our clients needs our priority,  we are a team of 3 and growing, We are offering customer trending products that are in need in the current market, we also offer services to import products to the US assisting new entrepreneurs with they products needs whether in wholesale of retail. After living in the pandemic of COVID-19 we realize the need to have local retailers as big online retailers not being able to keep up with the demand for protective gear and having to wait weeks just to received face mask and hand-sanitizer we realize the importance to have a local online retailer that can full-fill what large companies are not able to handle. We will make sure that all of our products are high quality and meet US standards and making our customers pleased with every order they make. 

High Quality